Custom Orders



We look forward to helping you create your very own authentic cowhide collection!!

All Custom Orders require a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

Custom orders are not put into the books until a deposit has been received    (No exceptions).

Once deposit for your Custom Order, is received, you are put on the books in order, as deposits are received!

We do not create new styles for custom orders, we only customize current styles we carry.

We will work with everyone as much as we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We want you to be happy and to keep coming back to us for your next bag and want you to refer your friends to us.

All custom orders are final once paid for.

Generally turn around times on custom items are 4/8 weeks. This shop is ran completely by one woman! I do my very best to keep up on all of my orders while trying to add as much new items to my site as possible to keep you guys in the need of your items. Please note that certain times of the year, like the holiday season, orders tend to increase, so then please allow 8/12 weeks for your custom order to be shipped,  Please be patient with us as this time frame can vary, depending on the number of bags ahead of you when you order, especially around the holiday seasons.


Bags are labeled with STOLZ MFG INC DESIGNS to verify authenticity.

When ordering a Cowhide bag keep in mind that over time it is normal to have some shedding and wear.

We use authentic cowhide and top quality leather for all our products. All hides will vary in texture, tones, and patterns. Bald spots due to SHEDDING of hair on hide, over time, is to be expected, it's 100% normal with any hair on hide cowhide. The amount of shedding varies depending on the hide type as well as how the hide is processed. To prevent shedding of products, limit friction and overloading that would agitate the cowhide. 

We are not responsible for item wear and tear that is a result of customer use. This includes, but is not limited to; constant rubbing, heavy packing, misuse or harsh environmental conditions. Proper care for cowhide items will increase the lifespan of the product. 

No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied in the sale of our bags.

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery and customer service. As a result we hope that there will be no need for complaints and you will continue buying STOLZ MFG INC DESIGNS bags. However, we recognize that with handmade products, there sometimes will be errors. We therefore offer a 1 year warranty on all STOLZ MFG INC DESIGNS merchandise. STOLZ MFG INC will make repairs to a damaged product if the repair is a result of a STOLZ MFG INC quality issue. *If there is a flaw in the bag, that is a result, of our construction and we can fix it, we will be happy to work with you to get that fixed. 

Shipping Charges are non-refundable and customers are responsible for cost of return shipment for repairs


We hope this helps answer any initial questions you might have. If you have any further questions or would like to place an order simply message us on Facebook or give us a call!! 

Thank you, DaNae Stolz

(970) 381-7862

This shop is ran completely by one woman! I do my very best to keep up on all of my orders while trying to add as much new items to my site as possible.  Please note - that I am the ONLY one answering questions via Facebook comments and messages, texts, emails and phone calls!! PLEASE be patient, if we don’t get back to you within 48 hours, please contact me again. I am NOT ignoring anyone, but it is easy to overlook things with all the inquiries.